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Commissions Open!

I work in a number of styles and you can get anything from a sketch, lineart to a full colour digital painting, take a look at some examples below!
Contact me at


Headshot - $20
Waist up - $30
Full Body - $40

Sketch commission example 2 by BariartiSketch commission example 3 by Bariarti
look at you by Bariarti


Anime style

Headshot - $30
Waist up - $40
Full body - $70
Fight together! by Bariarti
Commission - Lanaya the Templar Assassin - by Bariarti
Nami-Dakimakura style-Commission example by Bariarti


Semi Realism/Realism style

Headshot - $50
Waist up - $70
Full body - $90

Raven Redux by Bariarti
Lanaya Dakimakura Design by Bariarti
The Flash by Bariarti
-Alisa vs Juri- by Bariarti


Extra characters and backgrounds are worked out according to complexity, but would be lower than just having two commissions
So when you want an oc of yours done or maybe an existing character or maybe your oc with an existing character, just let me know via email, payment via paypal

I draw pretty much most things, if deviantart doesn't allow what you want, I can still draw it but just won't post it, if I can't draw something for whatever reason I'll let you know

The way I work is once I receive payment I start work on your commission

Please give as much detail as possible about what you want, whether it's a description or ref pics

I will retain the rights to the work, so I can post it up here on DA but feel free to use it non commercially too

You can also have the PSD file free if you request it^^

That's about it, if you have any questions just let me know^^
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June 8, 2012


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